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I am a psychologist with specialized training in clinical psychology. I have been providing psychological service and counselling for over 25 years.  



In addition to private practice, I have worked as a psychologist, counsellor, and consultant in a number of settings, including both hospital and community based mental health settings, and have worked extensively with family physicians and other medical specialist providers. My primary professional association during my career has been with Alberta Health Services programs. 

Clinically, I take an integrative approach to therapy. I have had extensive training and experience in CBT throughout my career, Although the value of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) interventions are well demonstrated, I also believe in the value of theory and therapeutic methods from other approaches including experiential, emotion-focused and mindfulness-based strategies, and use them, as appropriate. Above all, I believe in the value of the therapeutic relationship that develops between my client and me. There is great curative potential in the therapeutic relationship.


My primary clinical work has been with adults, in both individual and group therapy formats. I have more limited training and experience working with children and couples.

Throughout my career I have taught and supervised health and mental health providers including clinical psychology residents, psychiatry residents and family medicine residents.


For a number of years, I was Director of Training with the Calgary Clinical Psychology Residency Program of Alberta Health Services. I have held several university appointments including adjunct lecturer with the Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, and adjunct assistant professor with the Clinical Psychology Program, University of Calgary, and have been a lecturer in Behavioural Sciences at Mount Royal University.

In a previous role with Alberta Health Services, I was a regular guest on CityTV's Breakfast Television (formerly the Big Breakfast) and also contributed my psychological insights to other radio, television and newspaper organizations on a regular basis, focusing on the important role that psychological factors play in our lives, with the goal of de-mystifying and de-stigmatizing mental health issues. I was awarded the John G. Paterson Media Award by the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta for my efforts at disseminating psychological information through the media, and also received a PeopleFirst Award, from Alberta Health Services for this work.

  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology,

    • University of British Columbia

  • M.A. Clinical and Community Psychology 

    • University of British Columbia​

  • B.Sc. (First class honours). Psychology

    • University of Calgary​


  • College of Alberta Psychologists

  • Canadian Psychological Association 


There are many reasons why an individual may chose to see a psychologist, and it is important to select a psychologist who is both experienced and open to addressing your concerns in a way that works for you.  Given my my training and experience, I may be especially suited to assist you with concerns including: 

  • Anxiety related issues: including panic, obsessive compulsive symptoms and OCD, worry and specific fears such as claustrophobia, fear of flying and fear of dogs.

  • Mood related difficulties: depression, dysthymia and everyday low/sad mood.

  • Stress and burnout: work and school related stresses, feeling overwhelmed, struggling with multiple life demands and expectations.

  • Life transitions and changes.

  • Grief and loss. 

  • Sexuality and gender identity concerns such as coming out, transitioning, coping with stress associated with diverse sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • Resilience and personal growth: discovering greater meaning, satisfaction, and happiness in your life.

Take the next step to call and discuss your concerns. If I am unable to assist, I will attempt to direct you to resources that may be a better fit for you.

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